Dawson & Sanderson, Luxtripper and Truly Travel partnership

In September 2020, we formed a partnership with both Dawson & Sanderson, Luxtripper and Truely Travel so they could introduce COVID-19 insurance to cover cancellation in the event their customers had to cancel after falling ill with COVID19.

All travellers who book a holiday with Dawson & Sanderson, Luxtripper and Truely Travel will automatically receive cancellation insurance which covers them for cancellation for COVID-19. This commercial policy means that the customers holiday costs are secure allowing our partners to recover any lost costs from cancellation charges and proactively rebook the holiday at a time that suits their customer.

Our partners will cover customers if they contract COVID-19 up to 14 days before their holiday or if they contract the virus while they are away. The policy also provides cover if they are hospitalised within 28 days of the start of their trip and if they or their travelling companion are denied boarding due to a high temperature reading or a positive COVID-19 test at the airport.

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